Windows Phone Update Problem 12/08/2012

When will Whatsapp fix the new Windows Phone Update for those of us who have been unable to install/update the app?

7 thoughts on “Windows Phone Update Problem 12/08/2012

  1. A. |

    Whatsapp is fixing the bug of hanging and getting stuck with photos

  2. Anonymous |

    Whatsapp…is not working on windows phone7.5….please fix the bugs…

  3. Monkey |

    I have been unable to update my whats app for a few days! i have rated this a 5* and reviewed it because i had it on the iphone but now it wont update or let me save a contact. please fix this. thanks

  4. luke |

    Update not working, please fix this issue revert to the old update or something please, I use this very often and its a 5* app, I reccomended it to so many people amd now many people are reverting to kik, and viber, please whatsapp staff fix this problem, its really hard living without this as I have a special health problem and I used this to keep me calm :( thank you for the great app but fix it asap or revert to the older version please!
    Regards luke.

  5. Nicolas |

    Any ideas how to fix my whats cause it take through the website while i try to login?

  6. Nicolas |

    I have a problem with my whatsapp it doesn’t want to log in it takes me to the when i try to log in or may be my nokia 6303 mobile does not surpport it.

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