please help! whatsapp chat history

Hi! I just got Lg g3 and tried to restore my chat history. As u might know i had to copy the"msgstore" crypt file from my old phone to new phone by connecting it to pc. However I couldn't find the whatsapp databases folder even though I downloaded it to my new phone. So I created one manually, whatsapp did found the chat history once i started it and tried to restore but gave me this error message [B]"Alert! Sorry, we were unable to restore any of your message history backups."
Anyone have any idea how to get my messages back? could it be related to the fact that I couldnt find a whatsapp database folder on G3? Or maybe because the chat history is kinda old date? like 2 months old..?

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks!

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  1. vicky jaiswal |

    sorry we were unable to restore any of you message history backup

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