My Wp has been stolen! What can I do for Whatsapp??

My phone has been stolen yesterday.
I have some questions about whatsapp:
– should i block My account? How can i do?
– can i use whatsapp online from pc and red My messages?
– What happens when i re activate My number? Will i see group chats, previous conversation and everything else?
Tank you very very much!!!

3 thoughts on “My Wp has been stolen! What can I do for Whatsapp??

  1. Ian Springleer |

    i there my phone has been stollen and the someone is still using my whatsapp can u guys pls stop my whatsapp on my old number? it was 0849709168

    Kind Regards
    Ian Springleer

  2. lizaan |


  3. Bea |

    Hi Andrea

    First of all make sure you block your sim card.

    Then, reach out to whatsapp (support[at] They should be able to block your account/number.

    I’m afraid your conversations are gone, since these are being saved on your phone, not on external servers.

    I don’t know how to use whatsapp via pc, so can’t help you further

    good luck

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