I can't find contact on my WhatsApp

I have saved my friend's number on my Android address book and followed the instruction but it didn't appear in my contact. I have a Android OS 2.2 and I'm in China now using a Chinese phone carrier, I was trying to contact with my friends in America who is using a Iphone with AT

2 thoughts on “I can't find contact on my WhatsApp

  1. Vash |

    I’m in America, and I have the same problem. I have a friend in Australia and a friend in England and I can’t message either of them, but I can message my friend in Canada. I have done everything that I have been told, but it still doesn’t work.

  2. B.s.a. |

    Hi, have you and your friend saved the contacts with your correct countrycodes? After that refresh your whatsapp contact list and it should work

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