getting back into group I created

Hey I created a group on whatsapp and even added my friends to it. But sadly i exited the group by mistake. How cab I get back into the group??

5 thoughts on “getting back into group I created

  1. Harold |

    Ask the new group owner to add you again. You can’t do this yourself (unless you create a new group with same people)

  2. adedamola john o |

    how can i join back the group i created which i remove myself accidentally

  3. Norig |

    No other solution than creating new group and invite all members again.

  4. Bijay |

    I had created a group which I deleted accidentally and now the group seems to be active but other members are not able to add me to it, what is the solution?

  5. Hezz |

    Then the whole group is removed isn’t it? As the option says “exit & remove group”

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